Remembering Bowie

There may not be much of an educational application for these visualisations – except, perhaps, for music students. But nevertheless, I couldn’t let the month go by without highlighting some visualisations  to commemorate the late, great David Bowie.

And, for your listening pleasure as you browse…

Discography and Styles of David Bowie


Source: el Mundo

A timeline of Bowie’s albums (in Spanish).

Fashion Through the Ages


Source: Michael Sandberg

Bowie’s fashion persona over time.

David Bowie’s Genre-Hopping Career


Source: The Economist

This infographic shows collaborators, locations, film roles, albums and genres.

The Rise and Rise of David Bowie


Source: Castle Cover

There isn’t much information or data here, but I’m sharing it for the artwork. Hippie Bowie is just so cute, bless him.

Time May Change Me


Source: Helen Green

Again, for the artwork… This lady is a fantastic illustrator, don’t you think?

Bowie Collaborographic


Source: Delayed Gratification Magazine

What it says on the tin – all of the collaborations that Bowie did throughout his career.

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