Hello! My name is Laura Underwood.

I’m interested in how data visualisation, infographics and interactive media can be used in education, so I curate content of this nature on the site. I also develop media content that aligns with the Key Stage curriculum, and  lesson plans that take advantage of visualisations and interactive materials for a pedagogic purpose. I hope that teachers in the UK and abroad will find the material useful for their lessons.

I’ve worked as an instructor and instructional designer, as well as in web/multimedia development, so the intent of this site is to bring these capabilities together and hopefully to be of some use to the teaching community in the process.

The collection of assets and lesson plans share interactive media, data visualisations and explainer videos that could be used in the classroom, and the blog shares, more generally, some of the data visualisation and other digital media that I come across. Much of the blog content may not have a direct application in the British classroom (there are a lot of excellent data visualisations focused on the USA, for example), but I post these because there is something to be learned from them. I’m also collecting datasets that could find their way into future projects.

I’d love to hear from you if you have ideas about how I can make this site better.

This website aggregates content that is freely available online. Copyrights remain with the respective copyright holders. We do not claim ownership of any material other than items we have developed ourselves. If you wish to embed, distribute or profit from assets you find on this website, please contact the copyright holders for permission.

All of this content is freely available online, however, if you are a copyright holder who wishes to have your work removed from the site, please contact me. You can also view image credits.