The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things

Learning Outcomes

GCSE ICT and Computer Science
  • Describe a range of applications at home, in everyday life and in the workplace where microprocessor technology is used
  • Know how emerging technologies affect the way in which people and organisations operate and work together
  • Discuss the impact which communications and entertainments technology has on people, organisations and society.
  • Discuss the problems of confidentiality of data and of respecting confidentiality.


This is a clickable interactive asset with a series of sections: overview, networked world, statistics, innovations, the players and challenges. The asset is made up of bubbles that show the connection between aspects of the internet of things. User can click on items to expand them, hover for tooltips and view various charts.

The asset will be helpful when students are exploring the impact of digital technology on human behaviour.


Communication, Digital Culture, ICT & Computer Science


David McCandless





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